LeadPoint's WebMortgages Service

LeadPoint DMS WebMortgages Service produces your Loan Contract and Security “Doc Packs” instantly online 24/7.

·         No Doc Prep Teams required; no paper; no waiting; just a great Lender and customer experience!

·         Use our WebMortgages Service to better manage variable loan application volumes.  Peak volume = no delays.

·         WebMortgages receives your data directly from your Loan Origination Platform making the best use of the data you collect.

·         Lenders Loan Products, Business Rules, Forms and more integrate seamlessly into our comprehensive digital WebMortgages document production system.

·         Simply send us your data file for each loan digitally and your required “Doc Pack” will be returned in an instant using a secure channel.

·         One low set fee per file, no matter how complex; & re-works are free!

·         LIXI CAL 1.6 – 2.0, DAS Schema (Documents and Settlements) & Backchannel Schema compliant and PEXA ready.

LeadPoint’s fintech solution to the ongoing and complex problem of slow and expensive loan documentation and loan fulfilment is our new WebMortgages Service.


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