LeadPoint Mortgage Services, an incorporated legal practice, provides national mortgage services to Banks, Credit Unions, Mutual Banks and Non-Bank Lenders.  Our services range from “analogue” to “digital”;  i.e. receipt of instructions in various formats from paper, email and electronic requiring re-keying of data, to receipt of complete data files from Loan Origination Platforms via webservices for instant document generation and messaging without human input.

Our WebMortgages service delivers a web application programming interface (API) for external parties to use our customised document automation system over the Internet to produce Lender’s branded documentation across multiple product and lending channels, in an instant 24/7,  with or without human input, and for a fraction of the cost and time taken to deliver services requiring manual input.  Firstmac and www.loans.com.au have exclusively used our WebMortgages service since its conception.

We continue to work closely with LIXI in Schema and Guidebook development, hold a LIXI 2.0 Development Licence and actively participate on the LIXI Technical Sub-Committee.

Digitisation of mortgage processing, loan contract and security document production, settlement and post settlement services is achieved with seamless integration into Loan Origination Platforms to deliver documents and messages directly into Lender’s digital workflow.  What is currently a “bottleneck” in mortgage processing delivering an outdated customer experience, is transformed into a fast, inexpensive digital experience for all parties involved in mortgage transactions.

WebMortgages;  Your data and docs instantly 24/7

Our Services

  • Mortgage services
  • Mortgage enforcement
  • Compliance

LeadPoint's talented team of legal and IT experts has a reputation for innovation and high achievement through the use of innovative technology, industry savvy and streamlined service performance.

Our innovative and award winning mortgage processing, tracking and reporting system, LAWnchpad®, has the proven capacity to consistently document and settle a high volume of mortgage transactions, whilst WebMortgages is infinitely scalable. We can handle the most urgent and complex transactions Australia-wide. Our sophisticated system ensures that these matters are completed as quickly and as accurately as less complex transactions.

For us success means delivering a fast, simple, effective service without compromise to our clients every time.

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